Catskill Forest Association (CFA) has been working hard on a heating project for the Village of Fleischmanns that uses local woody biomass. Woody biomass? We're talking about wood; only the area's most abundant, and renewable natural resource around. However, this isn't your grand-daddy's woodstove. Instead, this system provides heat to an entire village using piped-in hot water through a district heating network. Woodchips are the source of the heat and are used in an extremely energy efficient manner. The system is so efficient that its air emissions would be equivalent to less than six family woodstoves.

Fleischmanns Biomass Project from Ryan Trapani on Vimeo.


The Biomass Energy Resource Center has produced a new video, “Leading the Way: The Advancement of Modern Wood Heating in Vermont.” The video highlights the many benefits of modern wood heating and encourages further development of the biomass thermal energy sector throughout North America. Continuing to build partnerships and modeling future projects from past successes will insure a bright future for modern wood heating.


A few years ago, Stephanie Ratcliffe, executive director of the Wild Center and Chris Rdzanek, director of facilities of the Wild Center, visited Curran Renewable Energy, NYBEA sustaining member, to see how wood pellets are manufactured. These pellets are used as fuel in the pellet boiler and solar hot water system installed at The Wild Center to lessen its dependence on fossil fuels for heating and hot water.


Join Stephanie Ratcliffe, executive director of the Wild Center, and Chris Rdzanek, director of facilities of the Wild Center, as they visit NYBEA sustaining member ACT Bioenergy in Schenectady, NY, to see the Wild Center's soon to be wood pellet boiler, under production.