The Association seeks to build public understanding of the full range of biomass-to-energy technologies, and the contribution that they can make towards meeting the state and region’s energy needs, while creating in-state jobs and reducing carbon emissions. We do not promote one feedstock or technology over another, believing that almost every form of biomass can be used in an efficient and sustainable manner, utilizing the proper technology at an appropriate scale.

The Association serves as a sounding board for public officials who are considering various policy options, helping them understand how alternative regulatory strategies appear from the point of view of people who are building and managing businesses in the biomass energy sphere. Although biomass is the oldest energy source, it is also one of the newest in terms of evolving production and conversion technologies. We strive to help policy makers distinguish measures that guide the growth of the biomass energy industry from measures that are likely to choke off development entirely, or allow biomass to play only a minimal role, even in situations where it is most economically advantageous.

In a field dominated by inventors and entrepreneurs, there is a tendency for industry leaders to work in isolation. The Association provides a network for people working in this field, helping them understand common concerns in such areas as rules governing access to feedstocks, imbalances in incentives for different technologies and energy end-uses, and R&D funding.